Thursday, January 14, 2010

It’s Not Lake Effect Snow

When I was bitching to my Goddaughter, who is living in Buffalo, about how cold it’s been in San Miguel, she responded, At least it’s not lake effect snow. She’s right, but in Buffalo they have central heat and thermostats—they can warm up when they come inside. New Year’s Eve the weather was normal San Miguel winter—it reached 70˚ mid-afternoon. But the temperature started falling with the New Year. And, we’ve had rain—something that seldom happens here in winter. Between the lower temperatures, drizzles and downpours, and cloudy afternoons, it's been colder inside my house than it is outside. Bianca was right but everything is relative. Buffalo may have had lake effect snow but she can get warm when she goes inside.

Continuing with this everything is relative idea, although I’ve been bitching all year because I still haven’t closed the deal to sell my house in New Orleans, I realized 2009 wasn’t bad. Maybe not my best year, or the one I envisioned having but okay, especially given the global economic meltdown. I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions but am making one now—I’m gonna stop bitching about how the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina continues to negatively impact my life. What’s important is that San Miguel is an easy place to be and that most days I enjoy my life here.

I wasn’t enjoying life, huddled in my office with the space heater. So when the temperatures continued heading south, I made life easier and went to stay with my friend Lita. Her house has three fireplaces that, unlike mine, provide heat, along with heated mattress covers that deliver much more warmth than my electric blanket. Most days, life is good.