Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back Home

Sleep is still elusive but everything else about being back in San Miguel is better. The weather was still a little cool when I returned and we were continuing to have rain in what’s generally the dry season. But three weeks later, Spring’s in full bloom. The mornings are a little cool, but not so much that I need to be multi-layered for the 8am yoga class, by midday there’s full sun. Perfect weather.

The first couple of days back were hectic—my friend Blair arrived the day before I did, the Writers’ Conference started the next morning, and in-between sessions I was running around paying bills, getting groceries and other house essentials. I was probably a little bitchy the second night back but by the third day I was enjoying both: a visit with an old friend I hadn’t seen for a decade, the richness of this year’s Conference.

And it was rich—both entertaining and informative. I learned something from every session I attended, and if I missed one, most were available on CD. Having a bilingual Conference, all the major sessions had simultaneous translation and several workshops were offered in Spanish, involved more of the Mexican speaking community. And the community at large turned out in full force to hear Barbara Kingsolver’s keynote—over 800 people were in the audience that night. She had a great sense of humor which surprised me, for some reason I'd envisioned her as more somber. And I thought her address, Find my way into The Lacuna, was exceptional. Her writing process was revealed as she discussed the book’s development. I walked away determined to record every single idea that flirts through my mind, regardless of whether it relates to any of my interests or projects I’m developing. Over time, I may see a through line, maybe not. But The Lacuna developed from seemingly unrelated imaginings.

I stayed in my pajamas for a couple of days after Blair left but then started working in my garden—every pot was crowded, everything needed to replanting. Now that they’re not root-bound, they’re starting to grow. I’m starting to feel more like myself.

Am getting back to my normal routine with a major addition, trying to oversee things in New Orleans from a distance. I feel like the record is on repeat—I’ve done this before, fixed that house on North Broad to get it on the market. Hopefully this time, we’ll get to the end of this song—SALE.