Wednesday, August 15, 2018

So You Didn’t Vote

Or you threw your vote away voting for the Green candidate, which at best was symbolic. And those of you who voted Green do you see the irony in that now? You helped elect a president who doesn’t even believe in climate change.
I knew I was pissed after the election at Bernie supporters who didn’t vote or voted Green. I was never going to agree with what they’d done but I thought I’d gotten over the pissed off part. Then a few days I exploded when a progressive said, If the democrats hadn’t stopped Berne from getting the nomination, we wouldn’t have Trump.
I barked back, No we wouldn’t because Hilary supporters no matter what we thought of Bernie would have voted for him. We wouldn’t have taken the chance that Trump might get elected or that the Supreme Court might go to the extreme right. 
Clearly I was still pissed.
Forbes, among other news sources, credited the low Democratic turnout for Trump’s win. In Michigan alone, Clinton received 300,000 less votes than Obama did in 2012. As we watch the dismantling of environmental regulations, watch as the far right embraces racism and bigotry, watch as the president constantly vilifies the press, don’t you wish you’d voted in 2016?
I have been watching news reports this week that say only 30% of millennials are planning to vote in November. Many more demonstrate, often. They care enough to march but won’t vote? WTF? I don't get this. Just like I didn’t get when Susan Sarandon said (and I’m paraphrasing) that maybe a Trump presidency would be a way at shake up the country. Well he certainly did that. Is this what you wanted Ms. Sarandon? I
Yeah, I’m still pissed, and maybe a little irrational. But I hope that all of you who sat out 2016 will vote in November.