Saturday, November 26, 2016


I have low expectations of America. They have great words:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal
But can’t actualize them. After 240 years equal treatment is still a pipe dream for millions. So, how could my expectations be anything but low?

But even low-expectations Cynthia thought America was better than this. I thought it inconceivable that someone with Trump’s values could be elected to our presidency. All along his constituency tried to show us that they didn’t give a shit about his values. There wasn’t the outcry I’d expected when it was revealed he hadn’t paid taxes in years—that shows he’s smart, he manipulated the system to his advantage. Almost none when it was revealed that he’d stiffed hundreds of people who’d worked for him, working stiffs like them. No one seemed to care that Trump University was one big scam—I guess scamming is alright with these folks. (He’ll scam for us and get us what we need—is that the thinking?) And pussy-grabbing doesn’t disqualify you for president. This is bottom-of-the-barrel low. I didn’t realize we were there.

It didn’t surprise me when older white men got on Trump’s bandwagon. All of us people of color knew what he was saying when he declared, Let’s Make America Great Again. He was talking about making it white. Of course white men would want to go back to the days when manufacturing and they were king but children were also spouting this hate speak. The first day after Trump’s election, high school students in Pennsylvania carried a Donald Trump sign down the hall and proclaimed white power. Fifth graders in California chanted, “build the wall” at Latino students. If it’s spread to the children, will we get this genie back in the bottle and how long will it take?

Trump’s appeared to wave a white flag with his concession speech and subsequent 60 Minutes interview. Were people buying this? I thought, especially his conversation with Lesley Stahl. Really, he didn’t about the rash of racially charged attacks on minorities following his election? And when Stahl asked if he wanted to say anything to these people, he puckered his lips into an anus-like pout and said, “stop it.” That was it? His incendiary language lured the racist out of the shadows, fanned the hate flames. And he thought “stop it” would quell the fire he’d ignited?

I’ve watched in amazement as Republicans who had denounced Trump, got on board. Listened incredulously as some Democrats say be fair—wait let’s see what kind of President he’s gonna be? This man who lied to us incessantly on the campaign trail. You don’t know? Why do you want me to believe his new lie that he will be president for all Americans? Why give his words more weight than his deeds—appointing Stephen Bannon as his chief strategists or proposing Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

This is democracy at work, some right wing newscaster said. Your team loses, you make deals with the team that won and get on with it. It didn’t work like that when Obama won. The hypocrisy is immeasurable.

Since Trump’s election I’ve had two reoccurring thoughts—Einstein’s definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result and Douglas Turner Ward’s play, Day of Absence.

My friends with higher expectations are already organizing to try and stop the racist/misogynist/anti-climate-change President from destroying everything we value. Me I’m gone—headed to the jardin for Traditional and sangrita.